Give Invitation Periodically in Each Sunday School Class

There are many lost people in our Sunday schools who never attend the preaching services. Many of these are children who are old enough to be saved but are not allowed by their parents to stay for the preaching service. Many of these never get saved, and thousands of people who are saved and attend our Sunday schools never are present at a baptismal service. It is startling to me that we have our baptismal service at the poorest attended service of the day. During the Sunday school when the crowd is the biggest, we do not give the folks a chance to get saved. The morning service is a formal worship service (at least this is the case in many churches), and we delegate the evangelistic service to the Sunday night service when the people who need it most are not there. Periodically in the First Baptist Church we have an invitation given in each Sunday school class. It is amazing how many unsaved people we could find who are saved through this means.

The Sunday school could dismiss ten or fifteen minutes early some Sunday and come in the auditorium for a baptismal service. Those who are saved in the Sunday school hour and who will be baptized could be baptized then. This is simply another way to increase the number of converts baptized in our churches.

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