Good Soul Winners Take Others Along to Learn

It is not a good idea for two good soul winners to go soul winning together. It is best for them to divide and each take another who can learn by watching. When Jesus was on earth, He took twelve men with Him. They watched Him, followed Him, and learned His work. Upon His going back to Heaven, He left His work in their hands, they had learned by watching His example. I take people soul winning with me very often. Some of the finest soul winners we have in our church are people who have been soul winning with the pastors and have learned by watching.

One of the finest things about personal soul winning is that people won in the home by personal soul winners become personal soul winners faster than those who are saved in the public services. He sees a demonstration of soul winning at his own conversion. Actually, then, we train a soul winner before we get him converted. He sees how we work with him. Then, after he is converted, he remembers how we worked with him and he, in turn, can use the same method on another.

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